Girls U14 County Cup

U14 County Cup

Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Idsall logo
Bishops Castle
Burton Borough
Belvedere School Logo
Mary Webb
madelely academy logo
Madeley Academy
Lacon Childe
Ercall Wood
Thomas Adams
August 30, 2023
9:06 pm william brookes logo
William Brookes
Bridgnorth End
Ludlow School
Ludlow School
Oldbury Wells
Shrewsbury Academy
Shrewsbury Academy
Meole Brace
thomas telford logo
Thomas Telford

Note: Please see below for a list of the fixtures for each round as the website does not automatically generate home and away sides. Also below are the play-by dates

Deadlines for this year’s competitions are as follows:
Round 1 – Friday 27th October
Round 2 – Friday 15th December
Quarter Finals – Friday 9th February
Semi Finals – Friday 29th March

Round 1
Participant gets a bye : Priory
Participant gets a bye : Ercall Wood
Participant gets a bye : Mary Webb
Participant gets a bye : Ludlow School
Participant gets a bye : Meole Brace
Participant gets a bye : Belvedere
Participant gets a bye : Charlton
Participant gets a bye : Burton Borough
Participant gets a bye : Bridgnorth Endowed
Participant gets a bye : Shrewsbury Academy
Participant gets a bye : Madeley Academy
Participant gets a bye : TTS
Participant gets a bye : Lacon Childe
Participant gets a bye : Oldbury Wells
Match 1 : Idsall vs Bishops Castle
Match 2 : Thomas Adams vs William Brookes

Round 2
Match 3 : Thomas Adams/William Brookes vs Bridgnorth Endowed
Match 4 : Shrewsbury Academy vs Charlton
Match 5 : Priory vs Belvedere
Match 6 : Idsall/Bishops Castle vs Burton Borough
Match 7 : Mary Webb vs Madeley Academy
Match 8 : Lacon Childe vs Ercall Wood
Match 9 : Ludlow School vs Oldbury Wells
Match 10 : Meole Brace vs TTS

Quarter Finals
Match 11 : Winner of Match 9 vs Winner of Match 3
Match 12 : Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 8
Match 13 : Winner of Match 6 vs Winner of Match 5
Match 14 : Winner of Match 4 vs Winner of Match 10

Semi Finals
Match 15 : Winner of Match 11 vs Winner of Match 14
Match 16 : Winner of Match 13 vs Winner of Match 12

Match 17 : Winner of Match 15 vs Winner of Match 16