Schools’ International Representative Players

This page celebrates young footballers educated in Shropshire who have progressed from representing one of our Districts and/or County to represent their country at either schoolboy or schoolgirl level.

This page is in its infancy (with thanks in part to ‘England Schoolboys: International Players’ Records 1907-99′ edited by Gavin Willacy) and is currently under production. If you think you or anyone you know is missing from our list please contact

ESFA: English Schools’ Football Association

Berry, Duncan ESFA U15 1984 Telford
Cooke, Timothy ESFA U15 1979 Shrewsbury
Foulkes, Reginald ESFA U15 1937 Shrewsbury
Gennoe, Terry ESFA U18 1971 Shropshire
Gernon, Irvin ESFA U15 1978 Telford
Griffin, Tom ESFA U18 2001 Shropshire
Howell, Harvey ESFA U18 2018 Shropshire
Johnson, David ESFA U15






Kennedy, Matthew ESFA U18 2001 Shropshire
Lilly, Zak ESFA U18 2016 Shropshire
Lyttle, Tyler ESFA U18 2014 Shropshire
Onions, Robyn ESFA U18 2000 Shropshire
Preece, Colin ESFA U18 1977 Shropshire
Pryce, Ryan ESFA U18 2015 Shropshire
Purewel, Jeevan ESFA U18 2022 Shropshire
Sangha, Jay ESFA U18 2023 Shropshire
Sankey, Ian ESFA U15 1986 Telford
Thomas, Joe ESFA U18 2016 Shropshire
Wycherley, Andy ESFA U18 2016 Shropshire