ESFA AGM - 10th September 2016


June 2016 Dear Colleague 

English Schools’ Football Association

The SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING and the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Association will be held at The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conference Venue, 81-103 Euston Street, London. NW1 2EZ , on Saturday 10 September 2016, commencing at 11.00 am. 

The format of the day and agendas for both meetings are set out in this correspondence. 

Each Association is entitled to send one Delegate, whose travel expenses (car or standard class rail fare) will be paid from the General Funds of the English Schools’ FA. A claim form for these expenses is available on the day and after completion should be handed to one of your Regional Council Members at the meeting. 

Although other members from your Association may attend the meeting, it should be remembered that only one Delegate from each Association is entitled to vote. A voting card will be available at the Meeting. An Association Delegate can only vote for his/her Local Association and/or his/her County Association. A Council Member may use his own vote, plus either his Local or County Association vote if he is representing an Association. 

Official Delegates are also asked to complete a white attendance card and hand it to a steward at the entrance to the Meeting Room.  The names of the Official Delegates will then be recorded. 

Other members of your Association should complete the coloured attendance cards. 

You are invited to be accompanied by a current schoolteacher from one of your affiliated schools and/or your County Schools’ Games Organiser. This will help us to widen the attendance and allow, hopefully, for some new members to come forward. These guests will not be entitled to vote or claim expenses from the ESFA General Funds. 

Lunch will be served at 2.00 pm, for those who have made prior bookings. Other Delegates must make their own arrangements. 

Yours sincerely 

A Chilton
Andrea Chilton Chief Executive




The meeting opened at 1.00 pm with M Spinks in the Chair.  The full list of those present is attached to the Minutes as Appendix I. 

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming delegates to Newton Abbot. 

A minute’s silence was observed by the Meeting in honour of those colleagues who had passed away during the previous season.  Names put forward for remembrance: Laurie Parr and Norman Giannasi, Merseyside CSFA, Rhiannon Brown, Wiltshire CSFA and Bernard Day, Sutton Coldfield SFA. 

  1. 1.         NOTICE OF THE MEETING

The Chairman read the Notice of the Meeting. 

  1. 2.         STANDING ORDERS

The Vice-Chairman, Alan Johnston moved the adoption of Standing Orders as printed on the Agenda paper.

This was agreed by the Meeting. 

  1. 3.         APOLOGIES

The Chairman announced apologies received prior to the Meeting and other apologies were taken from the floor.  A full list of these apologies can be found in Appendix II.  


P Smith MBE (Life Member), N Pont (Life Member and Northumberland CSFA), S Abson (Life Member and Leicestershire & Rutland CSFA) and M Timberlake (Lancashire CSFA) were appointed as voting scrutineers. 

  1. 5.         MINUTES OF THE 2014 AGM

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Aston Villa FC, Birmingham on 28 June 2014, having been circulated to all affiliated Associations; the Vice-Chairman moved ‘That the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting be confirmed and signed.’ 

This was agreed by the Meeting


A Tasker (Sunderland SFA) wished to thank the Trustees for the £500 travel grant awarded to the Association. This followed an appeal regarding travel expenses incurred for attending the U13 Playstation Finals last season.  He also thanked the Competitions Department for the work they do. 

D Williams (Oxfordshire CSFA) asked why the U15 Competition Final had not reverted back to two legs. D Alcock (National Competitions Manager) replied that it had been left as optional, to be decided by the Associations reaching the Final. 

Neil Pont (Life Member & Northumberland CSFA) wished to know the outcome regarding Item 14 Resolutions B 10.3 as follows: “That the ESFA Council should seek to change the FA Disciplinary Procedures so that an automatic suspension incurred at any level of school football will be served in all levels of school football.” This was submitted at last year’s AGM and was being referred back to the FA. 

M Spinks (Chairman) confirmed that he had spoken to Mark Ives at the FA regarding this matter which means that currently if a player is sent off in the last County match of the season, there are no further matches available in which the player can serve his suspension.  There has been no feedback by the FA so far and P Clayton (FA Representative on ESFA Council) agreed to refer the Resolution back to the FA once it has been formally submitted by the ESFA. N Pont asked for the matter to be placed on the next Council Meeting Agenda for further discussion. 

  1. 7.         ANNUAL REPORT

The Annual Report of the Council, having been circulated to all affiliated Associations, A Johnston (Vice Chairman), on behalf of Council, moved ‘That this Annual Report be received and entered in the Minutes.’ 

A Johnston wished to thank John Read for all the work he had done during his term as Chief Executive of the ESFA.  He also thanked the Office Staff for the way they had coped with the workload last season under difficult circumstances.  The new Chief Executive, Andrea Chilton will take over the post in September.

Thanks also go to D Howard and A Weston for their work in producing the Business Plan. 

Section 3 Committee Reports

M Timberlake (Lancashire CSFA) expressed disappointment with the U15 Girls selection process last season.  Although the Lancashire County team had enjoyed a very successful season, they did not manage to have a girl selected for the U15 squad.  Both J Appleby (Council Member Midlands) and D Woollaston (Council Member S East) assured him that all of the girls nominated had been carefully observed and considered for selection. 

S Abson (Leicestershire & Rutland CSFA) once again expressed disappointment at the lack of input from Danone at County and Regional Finals.  They do not attend or supply certificates, banners, labelling etc for any final events.  M Spinks (Chairman) said these concerns would be discussed with them at their next meeting but reminded the AGM that in their defence, Danone would be sending the winning U11 team to the World Cup competition. M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees and Council Member S West) confirmed that Charlotte Broos, Danone CSR Manager, had attended the S West and the S East regional events.

N Pont (Life Member and Northumberland CSFA) asked if the ESFA was involved in a Futsal Development Plan or not. A Weston (Football Development Manager) confirmed that grants were being offered to kick-start a competition which would dovetail in with FA events. 

K Davies (Merseyside CSFA) said he was pleased to read the special mention for Alan Bowen, Stadium Manager at Everton FC for agreeing to host the Boys U14 Inter County and U13 Inter Association Trophies on 12 May.  Alan is very good to work with and Everton’s support for this schools event was excellent. The overall feedback from the finals was very complimentary towards the ESFA Competitions Department. 

Allan Reed (Durham CSFA) pointed out an unfair situation where teams in the Northern Counties had to play 5 matches to qualify for the National Rounds of the U16 Girls Inter-county competition. He had discovered that in two ESFA Regions teams only played one match to reach the same stage as those from the North.  M Spinks (Chairman) agreed this could happen again and would refer the matter back to the Competitions Committee. 

Neil Pont (Life Member and Northumberland CSFA) asked if the 2015-19 Development Plan included restructuring (as did the 2012-15 plan) and would it be possible for Membership to see it.  A Weston (Football Development Manager) said the Plan would be available to Membership once it has been agreed by the FA. 

M Timberlake (Lancashire CSFA) asked if there was any guidance available regarding the use of twitter, following some problems experienced with racist remarks. D Alcock (National Competitions Manager) confirmed there was an ESFA Policy Document on the website. 

Section 4 Liaison

M Spinks (Chairman) reported that although he had been elected as the FA Representative for the ESFA he had been unable to join the National Game Board half way through the season.  He had observed the Referendum for Schoolchildren but could not vote on it. 

A Johnston (Vice Chairman) thanked P Clayton (FA Representative) for being invited to join the Partnership Meeting. 

M Spinks (Chairman) also wished to thank M Duffield and S DaCosta, the ESFA Child Welfare Officers, for chasing up the DBS checks for membership affiliations. 

A Riddiford (Life Member) said he was astounded by the decision of the FA in not allowing people to join a committee part-way through a season.  P Clayton (FA Representative) explained that the FA needed to consider on which committee(s) a new member would be best placed; however, the FA Development Committee had agreed to invite M Spinks to observe their meetings.  P Clayton wished to assure the Meeting that he takes his role as ESFA/FA Representative very seriously and that the Partners Meetings are working very well. M Spinks thanked both P Clayton and G Lee (Life Member and Cornwall FA) for their support of the ESFA. 

Section 5 Festivals

A Johnston (Vice Chairman) thanked all those Associations who had helped to stage Festivals for the ESFA this season.  Thanks also to D Howard for organising the Isle of Wight Festival. 

A Johnston (Vice Chairman) moved that the Annual Report be accepted into the Minutes.  This was agreed by the Meeting. 

  1. 8.         FINANCE REPORT

M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees) presented the Financial Statement and moved the adoption of the Balance Sheet. 

He paid tribute to his predecessor P Harding who had recently decided to step down as Chairman of Trustees, for his long and dedicated service to the ESFA in this role. 

He also thanked D Howard, for her excellent work as Finance Officer to the ESFA, Mark Ashton for attending the AGM on behalf of Lancaster Haskins LP (Auditors) and to P Jordan, D Lailey and D Prothero (Honorary Auditors) for their advice and support. 

The ESFA had suffered a significant loss this season, owing mainly to paying out two lots of grant money in one season. The FA and Premier League are looking carefully at how the ESFA allocates its funding now and this means we have less flexibility.  The FA also withheld £200k this season because the Association had not delivered on some points of the Business Plan, such as employing an FDO.  Funding for next season is secure providing the FA requirements are met. 

£20k had been spent on Futsal development. The two top schools were put forward for the Schools World Championships in Sardinia. 

N Pont (Life Member and Northumberland CSFA) asked what the PL/EPP £50,000 was for. M Coyne explained it covered the salary and travel expenses etc for D Ebberson. 

The ESFA has not spent its maximum allowance on the Goalpost scheme. 

The U14 Inter County Girls Festival took place at Lilleshall at a cost of £26,000.  Ten Counties took part. 

M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees) proposed the Finance Report be accepted into the Minutes. This was agreed by the Meeting. 

Honorary Auditors Report

P Jordan MBE (Hon Auditor) presented the Auditors Report to the Meeting. 

P Jordan congratulated the staff at ESFA HQ for their exemplary work over the last season in the absence of a Chief Executive. 

He informed the meeting that almost all the items in the Review Group report have either been implemented or are in progress. 

D Lailey (Hon Auditor & Life Member) proposed the ESFA make a grant of £300 to the Referees Benevolent Fund and £300 to St John Ambulance.  This was agreed by the Meeting. 

M Spinks (Chairman) thanked the Honorary Auditors for their sound advice and work on behalf of the Association and he thanked M Coyne as Chairman of Trustees. 


On behalf of Council, the Chairman of Trustees declared the election of the following Council Members unopposed: 

North Region                 :           O Aiston, A Johnston, M Shackleton, A Williams

Midlands Region           :           J Appleby, M Hignett, N Hopwood, P Rickard

South West Region       :           M Coyne, S Inger, J Martin, G Smith

South East Region        :           S Botham, P Harding, M Spinks, D Woollaston

Appointment of Independent Council Member     :           R Graham 

Appointment of Chairman                                  :           M Spinks

Appointment of Vice – Chairman             :           A Johnston 

Agreed by the Meeting 


M Spinks (Chairman) proposed on behalf of Council that P Jordan, D Lailey and D Prothero be re-elected. This was agreed by the Meeting 


M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees) proposed that Lancaster Haskins LLP were re-appointed as the ESFA’s Professional Auditors for season 2015-2016.  This was agreed by the Meeting 


M Spinks (Chairman) proposed J Appleby, M Coyne, D Woollaston be elected as Trustees for Season 2015-2016.  This was agreed by the Meeting 

  1. 13.      MOTIONS

Competition Rules Page 60 – Rule 5 – The Field of Play 

Currently reads:

“… ESFA National Cup matches may be played on artificial grass pitches (i.e. 3G pitches and advancements introduced, thereafter.”) 

Replace with:

Artificial Turf Pitches (3G Artificial Pitches) are allowed in this Competition providing they meet the required performance standards and are listed on the FA’s Register of Artificial Turf Pitches.  All Artificial Football Turf Pitches used must be on the FA’s Register and must be tested (by an accredited test institute) every three years and the results passed to The FA.  The home team is also responsible for advising participants of footwear requirements when confirming the match arrangements. 

Rationale: To bring ESFA rules into line with the FA Standard Code of Rules for Youth Football relating to artificial pitches 

The above Motion is a technical point for information only – not to be voted upon

At this point in the meeting the following presentations were made: 


D Ebberson, Premier League District Programme Manager, made a short presentation to membership of the work he is doing with regard to U11 football including the Premier League Initiative and took questions from the floor. 


A Weston made a short presentation to membership of the work he is doing with the ESFA with regard to this post as Football Development Manager and took questions from the floor. 

  1. 14.      VOTE OF THANKS

M Spinks (Chairman), on behalf of Council moved a ‘Vote of Thanks’ to the Head of Administration, her staff and the Devon Schools Football Association for making the arrangements for this Annual General Meeting. 


The next AGM of the ESFA will take place at the Beacon Centre in Stafford on Saturday 25 June 2016. 


A Johnston (Vice Chairman) moved on behalf of the Meeting: 

“This Annual General Meeting desires to place on record its sincere appreciation of the services rendered by Mr M Spinks as Chairman of today’s meeting and at various functions throughout the season and wishes him well as he continues in office as ESFA Chairman during Season 2015-2016.” 





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