SSCFA runs a large number of competitions at the Greenhous Federation Centre at Shrewsbury Sports Village on Wednesday of each week.


Due to the current Covid-19 virus situation, SSCFA have taken the decision to postpone all SSCFA organised activity until further notice. Whilst this is a decision we would rather not have to make, we do believe that adopting this position provides direction and consistency for our members and also prevents individuals (parents/carers, school staff, SSCFA officials) from being placed in difficult positions regarding individual decisions. Most importantly, it does all we can to protect and safeguard the health of young people in Shropshire.

Another reason for taking this decision is the unlikelihood of us being able to secure suitable venues for our finals once we reach this stage of competitions meaning our cup competitions would not be able to conclude in any case.

It is our intention, should it be possible, to complete all current competitions once the dangers associated with Covid-19 have lessened suitably but we will provide updates at the appropriate times.

During this period of postponed activity, individual schools are of course completely in control of their own decisions to play inter-school fixtures against one another. As such, if both schools (already drawn against each other) wish to play a fixture it is in their gift to do so and the result can be submitted in the usual way. However, if either school wishes not to participate in a fixture, no game will be awarded to the opposing school and the draw will remain frozen.

We apologise for any disappointment this decision causes but hope it is a decision that our membership will both understand and support.

U11 Girls Small Schools - 15th January 

Federation Centre programme January to April 2020






Footwear:  To all players - No metal studs or bladed boots are to be worn on the artificial surface at the Sports Village, rubber studs, astro-turf footwear or trainers will be suitable

Please click here for Codes of Conduct

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Greenhous Federation Centre Programme 2019/2020

Shrewsbury Sports Village, SY1 4RQ 

SESSIONS: 4.00PM – 7.00PM 

January 2020
8th  U10 Girls Shield Rd1B/ U11 Boys Small Schools
15th  U11 Girls Small Schools
22nd  U11 Boys Plate
29th  U11 Girls Plate

5th  U10 Boys Shield
12th  U9 Girls Cup
19th  Half Term
26th  U9 Boys Cup

4th  U10 Girls Shield/ U11 Boys Small Schools


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