Brazil & Holland lift the World Cups - 11th June 2014  

Eight boys’ teams and four girl’s teams competed in the finals of the SSCFA Primary Schools World Cup Competition held at the Shrewsbury Sports Village. 

In the Girls U11 Semi-finals both finished with penalty shoot-outs with Greenfields (Russia) defeating St. Georges Shrewsbury (Portugal) and Trinity (Holland), overcoming the girls from Belvidere (Chile).  The final saw Trinity (Holland) lifting the cup with a 1-0 win over Greenfields (Russia). 

As with the Girls semi-finals the boy’s matches also went to penalties with Coleham overcoming Redhill and St. Georges winning through against Meole Brace.  In the final, again decided by penalties Coleham (Brazil) lifted the trophy. 

Other Schools competing in a glorious evening of highly skilled and entertaining football were teams from Oakmeadow, St. Lawrence, Oxon and Greenfields. 

Presentations on the evening were made by guest of honours Jack Price, Wolves, Callum Burton (STFC), Charlotte Edmunds (Wales) and Harry Lewis (STFC).  Jo Jones and Martin James of Greenhous presented medals to the young Referees, whilst Peter Guy, Advertising Director of the Shropshire Star awarded our guest of honours with engraved glassware commemorating the occasion. 

Our thanks go to our main sponsors of the evening the Shropshire Star and to Greenhous, sponsors of the Primary Schools Federation Centre programme. 

The ribbons on the medals of each team competing corresponded to the national colours of the participating countries, an idea initiated by the girls of the Shropshire Trophy Centre namely Karen and Sandra.


  RESULTS:   Group 1 Boys Pitch A
4.15pm  Oakmeadow (Germany) v Meole Brace (USA) 0-1 
4.29pm  Redhill (Honduras) v St. Lawrence (Costa Rica) 1-0
4.43pm  Oakmeadow (Germany) v Redhill (Honduras) 0-1
4.57pm  Meole Brace (USA) v St. Lawrence (Costa Rica) 0-0
5.11pm  Oakmeadow (Germany)  v St. Lawrence (Costa Rica) 0-0 
5.25pm  Meole Brace (USA) v Redhill (Honduras) 0-2

Group 2 Boys Pitch B
4.15pm  Coleham (Brazil) v Oxon (Switzerland) 0-0

4.29pm  St. Georges (Iran) v Greenfields (Ghana) 1-0
4.43pm  Coleham (Brazil) v St. Georges (Iran) 0-0
4.57pm  Oxon (Switzerland) v Greenfields (Ghana) 1-0
5.11pm  Coleham (Brazil) v Greenfields (Ghana) 1-0
5.25pm  Oxon (Switzerland) v St. Georges (Iran) 0-0  

Girls Pitch C
4.15pm  Trinity (Holland) v St. Georges (Portugal) 0-0
4.29pm  Greenfields (Russia) v Belvidere (Chile) 0-0
4.43pm  Trinity (Holland) v Greenfields (Russia) 0-0
4.57pm  St. Georges (Portugal) v Belvidere (Chile) 0-0
5.11pm  Trinity (Holland) v Belvidere (Chile) 1-0
5.25pm  St. Georges (Portugal) v Greenfields (Russia) 0-2  

Presentations to non semi-finalists will be made following the above games.   Semi-finals

Boys Pitch A
6.00pm  SF 1  Winners Grp. 1 Redhill (Honduras) v Runner-up Grop.2 Coleham (Brazil) 0-0 (3-4 penalties)
  Boys Pitch B
6.00pm  SF 2  Winners Grp.2 St. Georges (Iran) v Runners-up Grp. 1 Meole Brace (USA) 0-0 (2-1 penalties)
  Girls Pitch C
6.00pm  SF 1. 1st Greenfields (Russia) v 4th St. Georges (Portugal) 0-0 (5-4 penalties)
6.15pm  SF 2. 2nd Trinity (Holland) v 3rd Belvidere (Chile) 0-0 (4-3 penaties)

6.30pm   Boys Final Pitch A
Winners SF 1  Coleham (Brazil) v Winners SF 2 St. Georges (Iran) 0-0 (5-4 penalties)

6.30pm  Girls Final Pitch C  Winners SF 1 Greenfields (Russia) v Winners SF 2 Trinity (Holland) 0-1

Another fine sunny evening at the Shrewsbury Sports Village saw the final 24 boys primary schools teams compete for their place in the SSCFA World Cup competition sponsored by the Shropshire Star.  Six schools qualified for the Finals evening due to be played on Wednesday 11th June:- Oxon, St. Georges Shrewsbury, Meole Brace, Baschurch, Greenfields and Redhill.


Group 1 Pitch A
4.30pm  Australia (Newtown) v Switzerland (Oxon) 0-1
4.44pm  Ivory Coast (Longnor) v Portugal (Church Preen) 0-0 
4.58pm  Australia (Newtown) v Ivory Coast (Longnor) 1-0 
5.12pm  Switzerland (Oxon) v Portugal (Church Preen) 4-0
5.26pm  Australia (Newtown) v Portugal (Church Preen) 3-0
5.40pm  Switzerland (Oxon) v Ivory Coast (Longnor) 3-0

Group 2 Pitch B
4.30pm  Iran (St. Georges) v Belgium (St. Marys) 2-0
4.44pm  Nigeria (Radbrook) v Mexico (Trinity) 3-1
4.58pm  Iran (St. Georges) v Nigeria (Radbrook) 2-0
5.12pm  Belgium (St. Marys) v Mexico (Trinity) 0-1
5.26pm  Iran (St. Georges) v Mexico (Trinity) 0-0
5.40pm  Belgium (St. Marys) v Nigeria (Radbrook) 1-2

Group 3 Pitch C
4.30pm  USA (Meole Brace) v S. Korea (Short Wood) 4-0
4.44pm  Holland (Mount Pleasant) v Cameroon (Harlescott) 1-0
4.58pm  USA (Meole Brace) v Holland (Mount Pleasant) 0-0
5.12pm  S. Korea (Short Wood) v Cameroon (Harlescott) 0-4
5.26pm  USA (Meole Brace) v Cameroon (Harlescott) 0-0
5.40pm  S. Korea (Short Wood) v Holland (Mount Pleasant) 0-0

Group 4 Pitch A
5.56pm  England (St. Patricks) v Argentina (St. Giles) 1-0
6.10pm  Algeria (Baschurch) v Costa Rica (St. Lawrence) 0-0
6.24pm  England (St. Patricks) v Algeria (Baschurch) 0-3
6.38pm  Argentina (St. Giles) v Costa Rica (St. Lawrence) 0-1
6.52pm  England (St. Patricks) v Costa Rica (St. Lawrence) 0-3
7.06pm  Argentina (St. Giles) v Algeria (Baschurch) 0-2

Group 5 Pitch B
5.56pm  Uruguay (Market Drayton) v Ghana (Greenfields A') 0-0
6.10pm  Japan (Prees) v Russia (Mereside) 0-1
6.24pm  Uruguay (M. Drayton) v Japan (Prees) 0-0
6.38pm  Ghana (Greenfields A') v Russia (Mereside) 1-0
6.52pm  Uruguay (M. Drayton) v Russia (Mereside) 0-0
7.06pm  Ghana (Greenfields A') v Japan (Prees) 1-0

Group 6 Pitch C
5.56pm  Croatia ( Martin Wilson) v France (Longden) 0-4
6.10pm  Chile (Grange Park) v Honduras (Redhill) 0-1
6.24pm  Croatia (Martin Wilson) v Chile (Grange Park) 0-3
6.38pm  France (Longden) v Honduras (Redhill) 1-1
6.52pm  Croatia (Martin Wilson) v Honduras (Redhill) 0-1
7.06pm  France (Longden) v Chile (Grange Park) 1-1

MONDAY 19TH MAY 2014  
World Cup fever hit the Shrewsbury Sports Village on Monday 19th May with 24 Primary Schools taking part in the Shropshire Schools & Colleges 2014 World Cup competition sponsored by the Shropshire Star.   The winner from each of the 6 groups go forward to the Finals evening due to be played on Wednesday 11th June.  In the Boys groups Oakmeadow and Coleham qualified with Trinity, St. Georges Shrewsbury, Greenfields and Belvidere Primary Schools progressing to the finals evening.   Thank you to all of the Schools that took part in Monday evenings games which were all played with high spirits.  

RESULTS:   Group 7 Boys Pitch A
4.30pm  Spain (Priorslee) v Germany (Oakmeadow) 0-1
4.42pm  Ecuador (St. John Baptist) v Greece (Crowmoor) 5-0
4.54pm  Spain (Priorslee) v Ecuador (St. John Baptist) 2-0
5.06pm  Germany (Oakmeadow) v Greece (Crowmoor) 1-0
5.18pm  Spain (Priorslee) v Greece (Crowmoor) 3-0
5.30pm  Germany (Oakmeadow) v Ecuador (St. John Baptist) 4-0  

Group 1 Girls Pitch B
4.30pm  Australia (Oxon) v Belgium (Longnor) 0-0
4.42pm  Holland (Trinity) v Brazil (Adderley) 1-0
4.54pm  Belgium (Longnor) v Holland (Trinity) 0-1
5.06pm  Australia (Oxon) v Brazil (Adderley) 0-0
5.18pm  Brazil (Adderley) v Belgium (Longnor) 1-0
5.30pm  Australia (Oxon) v Holland (Trinity) 0-1    

Group 2 Girls Pitch C
4.30pm  Portugal (St. Georges) v Mexico (Meole Brace) 3-0
4.42pm  France (St. Giles) v Columbia (Oakmeadow) 0-2
4.54pm  Portugal (St. Georges) v France (St. Giles) 0-0
5.06pm  Mexico (Meole Brace) v Columbia (Oakmeadow) 0-1
5.18pm  Portugal (St. Georges) v Columbia (Oakmeadow) 1-0
5.30pm  Mexico (Meole Brace) v France (St. Giles) 0-1  

Group 8 Boys Pitch A
6.15pm  Bosnia (Hodnet) v Brazil (Coleham) 0-0
6.27pm  Italy (Cheswardine) v Columbia (Greenfields B') 1-0
6.39pm  Bosnia (Hodnet) v Italy (Cheswardine) 1-1
6.51pm  Brazil (Coleham) v Columbia (Greenfields B') 2-0
7.03pm  Bosnia (Hodnet) v Columbia (Greenfields B') 0-0
7.15pm  Brazil (Coleham) v Italy (Cheswardine) 0-0  

Group 3 Girls Pitch B
6.15pm  England (Short Wood) v Argentina (Harlescott) 0-1
6.27pm  Russia (Greenfields) v Uruguay (Mereside) 2-0
6.39pm  England (Short Wood) v Russia (Greenfields) 0-2
6.51pm  Argentina (Harlescott) v Uruguay (Mereside) 2-0
7.03pm  England (Short Wood) v Uruguay (Mereside 0-0
7.15pm  Argentina (Harlescott) v Russia (Greenfields) 0-1  

Group 4 Girls Pitch C
6.15pm  Spain (St. Patricks) v Chile (Belvidere) 0-2
6.27pm  Italy (St. Lawrence) v Germany (Longden) 0-1
6.39pm  Spain (St. Patricks) v Italy (St. Lawrence) 0-0
6.51pm  Chile (Belvidere) v Germany (Longden) 2-0
7.03pm  Spain (St. Patricks) v Germany (Longden) 1-0
7.15pm  Chile (Belvidere) v Ital (St. Lawrence) 1-0  




On June 14th 2006 Switzerland won both the boys and girls World Cup competitions, organised by  the Shropshire Schools and Colleges Football Association.  Sponsored by the Shropshire Star – the tournament, played at the Shrewsbury Sports Village, saw Priorslee representing Switzerland, lift  the boys cup whilst the girls from Market Drayton, also representing Switzerland, helped achieve a notable double. On that occasion two  guests made the day extra special with Jack Charlton World Cup winner in 1966 and Steve Bull (Wolves and England) taking part in the celebrations.

Four years later, in the 2010 SSCFA World Cup, Priorslee School, on this occasion, representing Portugal, succeeded in retaining the title when they defeated Oxon School (Spain) by coming from behind to win an excellent final by two goals to one. In the Girls competition, St. Lawrence School, Church Stretton, also representing Portugal defeated Mount Pleasant School, representing Brazil, 1-0 in another close final. So, a remarkable coincidence, in that, once again both boys & girls competitions were won by teams representing the same Country.

Will this third World Cup Competition see another ‘double winning’ country? As holders, both Priorslee and St. Lawrence School, Church Stretton will receive automatic entries to the 2014 World Cup tournament.  To gain entry to each of the competitions, only schools within Shropshire; Telford and Wrekin are eligible. Each competition will be limited to thirty two teams, mirroring the world cup, and in the likely event of being over subscribed, receipt of applications will be date recorded.

Entries to both competitions (Closing date will be Monday April 7th)

The 2014 World Cup Tournament, sponsored by Shropshire Star, to celebrate the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil will be staged at the Shrewsbury Sports Village, with the preliminary rounds  taking place on May 19th ; May 21st ; June 9th   (4.00 – 8.00pm)  &  June 11th (Finals 4.00 - 8.00pm). Each competition is 7 aside, age U11, with a maximum of ten players per team.

To download an Entry form please click on the link below.  The cost per team will be £15 with cheques made payable to SSCFA and sent directly to Lisa Sandford, General Secretary, at the Schools Office, Shropshire FA Headquarters, Greenhous Meadow, Oteley Road, Shrewsbury SY2 6ST. For further information or enquiries, please contact Lisa, either by e mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone 01743 235442 – mobile 07702595950.

Please click here to download an entry form

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