The SSCFA has for many years been at the forefront of promoting Girls Football in schools and the County has won a number of national titles in recent years. The County fields three representative teams, at Under-14, Under-16 and Under-18 level, and also organises a number of different county cup competitions.


Following discussions with officers of SSCFA I felt it important to communicate with all schools to provide an update in these uncertain times. Clearly, it is difficult to make definitive decisions as circumstances are beyond our control but I thought you would appreciate the current plan. 

We are proposing that we defer this until as early as possible in the autumn term. We feel that it will be far more productive to hold an AGM when we are in a better position to discuss the options for the season ahead. At present, we do not know if/when all year groups will return to school let alone what football (if any) will be possible. If anyone strongly disagrees with this, has an urgent matter for consideration or would like any information that would usually be shared at the AGM please let me know. 

U11, U16 and U18 Cup Competitions:
Regrettably, with the fact that students in these year groups will be leaving their current schools/colleges to attend different institutions or to leave education altogether, we do not think it will be possible to hold finals for these age groups. We fully accept that this is a hugely regrettable but feel it is now inevitable. As such, the two finalists in each competition will be crowned joint winners for season 2019/20. 

U19 League:
The play-by date for all games was pre-Covid shut down (11th March). As such, the league has reached completion and final placings will be published as soon as a technical website issue can be resolved. Promotion and relegation between leagues will be as per the rules. 

U9, U10, U12, U13, U14 and U15 Cup Competitions:
We are committed to playing these finals if at all possible. We are however conscious of the night’s drawing in, appropriate facilities being available and the impact upon potential games for the 2020/21 season. As such, if it has not been possible to play these finals by the last day in September 2020, the two finalists in each competition will be crowned joint champions for season 2019/20. 

2020/21 Competitions:
We will be sending out the competition entry forms as normal. However, we will not be asking for payment at this stage. Instead, each school entering will be invoiced at the time we are able to start playing football. We understand that here remains uncertainties and individual differences between schools so this is an indication of intention at this stage to assist forward planning. Depending on when it is safe and appropriate to begin the season it may be necessary to shorten the play-by windows in each round in order to complete the season. 

I hope you understand the reasons for the decisions we have taken, many of which are regrettable but sadly unavoidable.

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