North Shropshire Girls District Sools FA

2016/2017 Draw

U13 Girls

Preliminary round

Tie to be completed by Friday 21st October 2016

 A    Ellesmere College v SJT             
 B    Adcote v Oswestry School    
 C    Corbet v Grove  

Quarter finals

Ties to be completed by Friday 16th December 2016

 A    Winner A v Lakelands              
 B    Winner B v St. Martins    
 C    Winner C v Marches  
 D    Thomas Adams v Moreton Hall    

Semi finals

Ties to be completed by Friday 7th April 2017

 X    Winner A v Winner B             
 Y    Winner C v Winner D  


Date & venue to be confirmed

  Winner X v Winner Y             

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Wednesday 12th July 2017
Shrewsbury District AGM, 5pm
(Priory School, Shrewsbury) 



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