2018/19 Season 

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League 1 - William Brookes have withdrawn

League 2 - Thomas Telford 4th's have withdrawn

LEAGUE  1                                                                                                     


 School/ College PL. W D L F A POINTS
 Idsall  6  3  0  3  16  16  9
 Codsall 2nd    8  5  1  2  22  18  16
 Thomas Telford 3rd   6  2  1  3  9 16  7
 Haberdashers Adams   6  5  0  1  28  5  15
 William Brookes              
 Shrewsbury College Grp. 3rd  5  0  0  5   4  22  0
 Thomas Adams   1  0  0  1  0  2  0

League 2

 School/ College  PL. W D L F A POINTS
 Shrewsbury School 2nd   8  5  0  3  25  11  12
 Codsall HS 3rd  10  6  3  1  26  12  21
 Thomas Telford 4th              
 Ludlow College  10  8  0  2  57  23  24
 Coaching Connections  11  4  1  6  39  43  13
 Madeley Academy  9  5  1  3  41  25  16
 Telford College  9  0  1  8  12  44  1
 Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th  9  2  1  6  11  45  7
 Shrewsbury Town FITC   11  7  1  3  45  33  22
 Haberdashers Admas  10  3  0  7  26  41  9


      LEAGUE 1                                                                   LEAGUE 2

5th September 2018:

                                                                      Shrewsbury Sch. v Codsall 3rd                  0-2  

12th September 2018:

 Idsall v Codsall 2nd  2-1    Shrewsbury School v Ludlow College   3-1   
 Thomas Telford 3rd v Haberdashers Adams     PP  Codsall 3rd v Madeley Academy    4-1
 William Brookes v Shrewsbury Colleges Grp.3rd  VOID    Thomas Telford 4th v Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th VOID  
       Telford College v STFC FITC    
 Thomas Adams - FREE    Haberdashers Adams 2nd v Coaching Connextions     PP

19th September 2018:

 Haberdashers Adams v Idsall    3-0  Shrewsbury College Grp. 3rd v STFC FITC   2-7 
 Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd v Codsall 2nd   (PP)   Madeley Academy v Telford College   7-2
 Thomas Adams v Thomas Telford 3rd     Ludlow College v Coaching Connextions      8-3 
       Codsall 3rd v Thomas Telford 4th VOID    
 William Brookes - FREE         

26th September 2018:

 Idsall v Shrewsbury College Grp. 3rd   7-1   Shrewsbury School v Madeley Academy   1-3 
 Haberdashers Adams v Thomas Adams (12.12.18)      Ludlow College v Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th     9-0 
 Thomas Telford 3rd v William Brookes   VOID    Thomas Telford 4th v STFC FITC VOID  
       Coaching Connextions v Telford College    5-2
 Codsall 2nd - FREE    Codsall 3rd v Haberdashers Adams (10.10.18)  3-2

3rd October 2018:

 Thomas Adams v Idsall      STFC FITC v Ludlow College     3-8  
 Thomas Telford 3rd v Codsall 2nd      1-1  Codsall 3rd v Telford College   2-2
       Coaching Connextions v Thomas Telford 4th VOID  
      Shrewsbury School v Haberdashers Adams    
 Haberdashers Adams, Shrewsbury College Grp. 3rd - FREE     Madeley Acad. Shrewsbury College 4th - FREE   

10th October 2018:

Rd. 1 U18 County Cup Play by date     

17th October 2018:

 Thomas Adams v William Brookes  VOID     Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd v Coaching Connections      
 Shrewsbury College Grp. v Thomas Telford 3rd 2-3   Madeley Academy v Thomas Telford 4th VOID  
 Codall 2nd v Haberdashers Adams    2-1  Ludlow College v Codsall 3rd    
      Haberdashers Adams v STFC FITC   1-9
 Idsall - FREE    Shrewsbury School, Telford College - FREE   

24th October 2018:

 Idsall v William Brookes VOID       Telford College v Thomas Telford 4th VOID     
 Thomas Adams v Codsall 2nd  0-2   STFC FITC v Codsall 3rd  1-2
 Shrewsbury College Grp. 3rd v Haberdashers Adams  1-7  Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th v Madeley Academy   0-6
 Thomas Telford 3rd - FREE    Haberdashers Adams v Ludlow College  1-8
     Shrewsbury Sch. Coaching Connextions - FREE  

7th November 2018:

 Thomas Telford 3rd v Idsall   2-3    Thomas Telford 4th v Ludlow College VOID      
 Codsall 2nd v William Brookes VOID     Coaching Connextions v Madeley Academy  3-9
 Thomas Adams v Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd      Telford College v Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th   2-3
  Haberdashers Adams - FREE    STFC FITC v Haberdashers Adams  3-2 
     Codsall 3rd, Shrewsbury School - FREE  

14th November 2018:

 William Brookes v Haberdashers Adams VOID        Coaching Connextions v Codsall 3rd   1-1
      Telford College v Ludlow College   
        STFC FITC v Madeley Academy    4-4
      Haberdashers Adams v Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th    8-0
     Shrewsbury School - FREE   

21st November 2018:

 U18 Rd.2 play by date         Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th v Haberdashers Adams    0-4  

28th November 2018:

 FREE week       Telford College v Shrewsbury School   0-7 
     Coaching Connextions v STFC FITC  3-5 
     Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th v Codsall 3rd     
     Madeley Academy v Ludlow College  13.2.19 
     Thomas Telford 4th v Haberdashers Adams VOID   

5th December 2018:

 Codsall 2nd v Idsall    6-4       Codsall 3rd v Shrewsbury School     
 Haberdashers Adams v Thomas Telford 3rd    7-0  Ludlow College v Thomas Telford 4th VOID   
 Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd v William Brookes VOID     Madeley Academy v Coaching Connextions  6-4 
      Shrewsbury College Grp.4th v Telford College   
 Thomas Adams - FREE       
     STFC FITC, Haberdashers Adams - FREE  

12th December 2018:

         STFC FITC v Shrewsbury College Grp. 4th      
       Telford College v Madeley Academy   20.3.19
      Coaching Connextions v Ludlow College   2-3 
         Thomas Telford 4th v Codsall 3rd VOID  
     Shrewsbury School, Haberdashers Adams - FREE    

9th January 2019:

 Idsall v Haberdashers Adams     0-3     Ludlow College v Shrewsbury School   4-1   
 Codsall 2nd v Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd   *3-0  Madeley Academy v Codsall 3rd  2-4
 Thomas Telford 3rd v Thomas Adams    STFC FITC v Telford College  5-1
     Coaching Connextions v Haberdashers Adams   8-4 
     Shrewsbury College Grp.4th - FREE  

16th January 2019:

 Rd.3 U18 play by date         Madeley Academy v Shrewsbury School      
       Shrewsbury College Grp.4th v Ludlow College   2-4
      Telford College v Coaching Connextions  1-6 
     Haberdashers Adams v Codsall 3rd    0-5

23rd January 2019:

 Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd v Idsall       Shrewsbury School v Shrewsbury College Grp.4th    
 Thomas Adams v Haberdashers Adams     Ludlow College v STFC FITC  4-5 
 William Brookes v Thomas Telford 3rd VOID    Telford College v Codsall 3rd  
 Codsall 2nd - FREE    Madeley Academy v Haberdashers Adams   
     Coaching Connextions - FREE  

30th January 2019:

 Idsall v Thomas Adams      STFC FITC v Shrewsbury School   0-5 
 Haberdashers Adams v William Brookes VOID     Coaching Connextions v Shrewsbury College Grp.4th   3-1 
 Codsall 2nd v Thomas Telford 3rd  3-1   Codsall 3rd v Ludlow College   PP
      Telford College v Haberdashers Adams    2-4
 Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd - FREE    Madeley Academy - FREE   

6th February 2019:

 William Brookes v Thomas Adams VOID       Shrewsbury School v Telford College   5-0 
 Thomas Telford 3rd v Shrewsbury College Group 3rd   2-0   STFC FITC v Coaching Connextions   3-1
 Haberdashers Adams v Codsall 2nd  7-2  Codsall 3rd v Shrewsbury College Grp.4th   2-3
      Ludlow College v Madeley Academy  8-3 
 Idsall - FREE    Haberdashers Adams - FREE   

13th February 2019:

 FREE Week           Haberdashers Adams v Shrewsbury School    1-3  
      Madeley Academy v Ludlow College  

27th February 2019:

 William Brookes v Idsall VOID     Shrewsbury School v Coaching Connextions     
 Codsall 2nd v Thomas Adams      Codsall 3rd v STFC FITC   
 Haberdashers Adams v Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd     Madeley Academy v Shrewsbury College Grp.4th   
     Ludlow College v Haberdashers Adams  
 Thomas Telford 3rd - FREE    Telford College - FREE  

6th March 2019:

 Idsall v Thomas Telford 3rd       Codsall 3rd v Coaching Connextions    
 William Brookes v Codsall 2nd VOID     Ludlow College v Telford College  
 Shrewsbury College Grp.3rd v Thomas Adams       Madeley Academy v STFC FITC   
 Haberdashers Adams - FREE      

13th March 2019:

 Catch-up week       Shrewsbury School v STFC FITC    

20th March 2019:

 Catch-up week      Shrewsbury College Grp.4th v Shrewsbury School    
     Telford College v Madeley Academy  

27th March 2019:

 Catch-up week      Haberdashers Adams v Madeley Academy    


Coaching Connextions:  Ben Sohier - 01515 230544
Codsall High School:  Richard Jones - 01902 907560
Haberdashers Adams, Newport:  Daniel Biggins - 01952 953818
Idsall School:  Chris Jew - 01952 468400
Ludlow College:  Gavin Price - 01584 872846
Madeley Academy: Dorian Williams - 01952 527700
Shrewsbury Colleges Group: Lewis Taylor - 01743 342333
Shrewsbury School:  Steve Wilderspin - 01743 280698
Shrewsbury Town FITC:  Andy Jones - 01743 289177
Telford College:  Claire Riekstins - 01952 642464
Thomas Adams School,Wem:  Liam Allen -  01939 237014
Thomas Telford School:  Des Lyttle - 01952 200000
William Brookes School:  Mark Wilson - 01952 728900

                                                  PREVIOUS CHAMPIONS 

          1996-97                  New College 
          1997-98                  Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
          1998-99/00             Shrewsbury College  (x2) 
          2000/01/02/03/04   Thomas Telford  (x4) 
          2004-05                  Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
          2005-06                  Walford & North Shropshire College
          2006-07/08             Ludlow College  (x2) 
          2008-09/10             Shrewsbury Sixth Form College  (x2) 
          2010-11                  Shrewsbury School 
          2011-12                  Walford & North Shropshire College 
          2012-13/14             Thomas Telford  (x2) 
          2014-15/16             Idsall School, Shifnal  (x2)
          2016-17                  Idsall (1), Oswestry Sch (2)


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Wednesday 27th February
U16's v Staffordshire
(Thomas Telford School, TF3 4NW. 7pm KO)

Monday 4th March
U18's v Staffordshire
(Stafford Town FC 3G pitch, 7pm KO)

Wednesday 6th March
U15's v Herefordshire
(Pegasus Juniors FC. 7.45pm KO)

Tuesday 12th March
U16's v W. Mids
(Venue to be confirmed)

Monday 18th March
U15's v W. Mids
(Shrewsbury Sports Village, SY1 4RQ)

Monday 1st April
U15's v Staffordshire
(Stafford Town FC. ST16 3TH. 7pm KO)

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