2021-2022 Season

DRAW 2021/2022

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Round 1   

 To be played by Friday 12th November  


 Charlton v Grove  

Charlton Win 
(b)  Mary Webb v Meole Brace   2-1 
(c)  SJT v Madeley Acad.    1-6
(d)  Telford Priory v Lacon Childe   0-4
(e)  Bridgnorth End. v Telford Park   5-0
(f)  William Brookes v Belvidere 2-3 
(g)  Ludlow v Oldbury Wells Oldbury Wells w/o 

 Round 2                                                                                         

To be played by  Friday 17th December

 A  Shrewsbury Acad. v Oldbury Wells    2-1                    
 B  Charlton v Mary Webb Winner (b)     2-3
 C  Lakelands v Ercall Wood   0-3
 D Bridgnorth End. v Marches    3-2
 E  HLC v Belvidere 2-5 
 F  Priory v Bishops Castle    10-0
 G  Burton Borough v Madeley Acad.  2-3 
 H  Idsall v Lacon Childe  2-1

  Round 3 – Quarter-Finals

  To be played by Friday 28th January 

 (i)  Mary Webb v Ercall Wood  6-2 
 (ii)  Madeley Acad.  v Bridgnorth End.  2-1
(iii)  Idsall  v Priory   1-4
(iv) Belvidere  v Shrewsbury Acad.  4-1 


 To be played by Friday 18th March 

SF1  Priory v Mary Webb    0-3      
SF2  Belvidere v Madeley Acad.  Madeley Acad. Win


Final   Mary Webb v  Madeley Acad.             5-1    


2009-10 HLC
2010-11 Church Stretton
2011-12 Priory
2012-13 Church Stretton
2013-14 Meole Brace
2014-15 HLC
2015-16 Idsall
2016-17 Marches
2017-18 Belvidere
2018-19 Burton Borough
2021-22 Mary Webb 




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