U19 boys League

SEASON  2016/17 

Season 2016/17   

Same format as last season, with two leagues of nine teams each, giving 16 fixtures for each team through the two terms, and a total of 144 matches to be played in all. The two teams finishing at the foot of league 1 will be replaced by the top two teams from league 2. All teams are definitely required to actually play at least 85% of their fixtures ( at least 14 of the 16 matches ) - failure to do so will  lead to removal from the league. Concession of matches should be kept to a real minimum - such defaults will now incur a 0-5 penalty loss, unless due to exceptional circumstances which cannot  reasonably be anticipated. The leagues will conclude on Thursday 6th.April - no results will be accepted after this date.

The composition of the two leagues has undergone some changes for the coming season:

   -  Telford College (TCAT) will return to league 1, but with their 1st.team. 

   -  Codsall High School are upgrading their teams, they will now have their 2nd.team in league 1 and their 3rd.team  in league 2.

   -  Thomas Telford will be entering their 4th.team into league 2, whilst Oswestry School are welcomed as new entrants to that league. 

   -   Holy Trinity Academy (HTA) will unfortunately not be re-entering league 2 due to changed timetabling locking out their players on Wednesday afternoons.

   -   New College will be withdrawing their 2nd. team from league 2.



The league has always relied upon the sporting integrity and professionalism of the teaching staff involved ( together with any hired external managers) to deliver a fair, decent and rewarding competition. Touchline standards of conduct and respect by the team managers should be exemplary, and these standards conveyed as far as possible to the players on the field. 

   The rules below will only work if they are printed off and displayed/filed with easy access. The Association (SSCFA) should do likewise in case of any future disputes. It is intended that these rules will be removed from this site in January 2016.


RULE 2:     ELIGIBILITY:    the league is open to full-time male students, under the age of 19 years on September 1st.2016, in post-16 educational centres in Shropshire, or within easy travel time if out of county. Schools may, at their discretion, select year 11 players, but careful consideration should be given to their suitability.

        Colleges/schools may only strengthen their league side(s) by deploying no more than TWO regular/automatic players from a higher team together with no more than TWO marginal or squad players from a higher team. Contravention of this league rule, if proven, will lead to an automatic 5-0 default loss, and if repeated,  removal from the league.


   If the league rules are repeatedly ignored by a team manager,TWO PENALTY POINTS  will be deducted on each occasion.   


SEASON  2015/16

Of the 128 scheduled fixtures there were only 12 postponements (mostly due to weather) and all of these were rescheduled and replayed. However, 11 fixtures ( 9%) were defaulted and not played ( 9 of these were in league 2 ). Idsall School retained the league shield narrowly from Adams Grammar and the new entrants Codsall High, whilst Shrewsbury School and Thomas Adams School were relegated. Shrewsbury Sixth Form College took the league 2 title and were promoted with the runners-up New College.

NOTE:   an asterisk against a team's points total in the league tables below indicates that penalty points have been deducted .

               LEAGUE  1                                                                                                     


                                                                            Pl.     W     D     L     F     A     Po.

Idsall School 1st.                                                  7       6      1      0     24    6     19

Codsall High School 2nd.                                     7      4       1      2    23    13    13

Thomas Telford School 3rd.                                  7      4       3      0    23     7     13*

Adams Grammar School 1st.                                7      3       1      3     24    16    10

Ludlow College 1st.                                              7      2       3      2     24    12     9

Telford College 1st.                                               7      1       2      4     14    25     5       

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 3rd.                    7      1       3     3      15    22     6

Shrewsbury College (SCAT) 2nd.                          6      1      3     2       11    18     6  

New College 1st.                                                   6      0      0     6       6     46     0


                LEAGUE 2 


Oswestry School 1st                                            6      6     0    0      25    4     18

Thomas Adams School 1st.                                7      5     1     1     31     10   16

William Brookes School 1st.                               5      4     0     1     20     14   12

Thomas Telford School 4th.                                6      3     1     2     14   12      10    

Codsall High School 3rd.                                     6      2     1     3     15    17     7

Bridgnorth Endowed 1st.                                     6      2     0     4     14    25     6     

Shrewsbury School 2nd.                                      5     1     1      3       7     9      4     

Madeley Academy 1st.                                          6     1     0      5     13    29     3 

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 4th.                   7     0     0      7      5     32     0


      LEAGUE 1                                                                   LEAGUE 2    

14th.September 2016:    Shrewsbury School  v  Codsall HS  (1-2)  


 Idsall School  v  Adams Grammar  (3-0)      Bridgnorth End. v  Oswestry School  (0-5)   
 Codsall HS  v  Thomas Telford  (1-3)      Shrewsbury SFC  v  Shrewsbury Sch. (0-2)   
      Madeley Academy  v  Thomas Telford  (3-5)  

21st.September 2016:

 Ludlow College  v  Idsall School  (0-4)      Shrewsbury School  v   Thomas Telford  (1-1)  
 Adams Grammar  v  Codsall HS  (3-6)      Codsall HS  v  Bridgnorth Endowed  (7-2)  
 New College  v  Telford College  (2-6)    Thomas Adams  v  Shrewsbury SFC  (7-1)  

28th.September 2016:

 Thomas Telford  v  SCAT  (7-1)    Madeley Academy  v  Codsall HS  (2-4)    
 Codsall HS  v  Idsall School  (1-2)        Thomas Adams  v  Shrewsbury School  (3-2)  
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  New College  (6-0)      

5th. October 2016:

 SCAT  v  Ludlow College  (2-2)      Thomas Telford  v  Oswestry School  (2-3)   
 New College  v  Codsall HS  (2-7)    Bridgnorth End.  v  Shrews.SFC  (5-2)  
 Idsall School  v  Telford College  (4-2)    Codsall HS  v  Thomas Adams  (1-1)  
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  Thomas Telford  (2-2)      

12th. October 2016:

 Ludlow College  v  New College  (14-0)    Shrewsbury School  v  William Brookes  (1-3)   
 Thomas Telford  v  Idsall School  (1-1)    Oswestry School  v  Madeley Academy  (7-0)  
 Telford College  v  SCAT  (2-2)      

19th. October 2016:

 Codsall HS.  v  Telford College  (4-0)     Thomas Adams  v  Thomas Telford  (3-2)  
 New College*  v  Thomas Telford  (p)*     Madeley Ac. v  Bridgnorth End.  (3-5)    
 SCAT  v  Adams Grammar  (0-5)    Codsall HS.  v  Oswestry School  (1-4)  
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  Ludlow College  (1-4)    William Brookes  v  Shrewsbury SFC  (5-2)  

2nd. November 2016:

 Idsall School  v  Shrewsbury SFC  (7-2)    Codsall HS.  v  Thomas Telford  (2-5)  
 Adams Grammar  v  New College  (10-2)     William Brookes  v  Bridgnorth End.  (7-2)  
 Ludlow College  v  Codsall HS  (1-2)    Shrewsbury SFC  v  Madeley Ac.  (0-5)  

9th. November 2016:

 Thomas Telford  v  Adams Gr.  (3-0)         Oswestry School  v  Thomas Adams  (3-1)   
 Codsall HS  v  SCAT  (2-2)    Thomas Telford  v  Shrewsbury SFC  (p)  
 Telford College  v  Shrewsbury SFC  (3-3)    William Brookes  v  Codsall HS  (4-1)  

16th. November 2016:

 Ludlow College  v  Thomas Telford  (1-1)     Madeley Ac. v  Thomas Adams  (0-8)   
 New College  v  Idsall School (0-3)    Oswestry Sch.  v  Shrewsbury SFC (3-0)  
 SCAT  v  Telford College (4-0)      
 Adams Grammar  v  Shrewsbury SFC  (4-0)      

23rd. November 2016:

 Adams Grammar  v  Ludlow College (2-2)    Bridgnorth Endowed  v  Thomas Telford (0-1)  
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  Codsall HS (1-1)    Thomas Adams  v  William Brookes (8-1)  
 Thomas Telford  v  Telford College (6-1)    Shrewsbury SFC  v  Codsall HS (pending)  
 New College  v  SCAT (p)      

30th. November 2016:

 Codsall HS.  v  New College     Bridgnorth Endowed  v  Codsall HS  
 Idsall School  v  SCAT    Madeley Academy  v  Shrewsbury School   
 Thomas Telford  v  Shrewsbury SFC    Shrewsbury SFC  v  Oswestry School    
 Telford College  v  Adams Grammar       

7th. December 2016:

Ludlow College  v  Adams Grammar    Thomas Adams  v  Bridgnorth Endowed    
Telford College  v  Idsall School     William Brookes  v  Thomas Telford  
SCAT  v  Thomas Telford     Madeley Academy  v  Oswestry School  

14th. December 2016:

 SCAT  v  Shrewsbury SFC       Shrewsbury SFC  v  William Brookes   
 * New College  v  Thomas Telford          

4th. January 2017:

      reserve fixture date availability    Thomas Telford  v  William Brookes         

11th. January 2017:

 Idsall School  v  Codsall HS (1-0)    Codsall HS  v  Shrewsbury SFC    .  
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  SCAT     Oswestry School  v  Bridgnorth Endowed (6-0)   
 Thomas Telford  v  New College (5-0)    Thomas Adams  v  Madeley Academy (4-0)  
 Telford College  v  Ludlow College (2-4)     William Brookes  v  Shrewsbury School (3-2)  

18th. January 2017:

 Adams Grammar  v  Telford College    Thomas Telford  v  Codsall HS      
 New College  v  Shrewsbury SFC    Oswestry School  v  William Brookes    

25th. January 2017:

 Idsall School  v  Thomas Telford    Thomas Adams  v  Oswestry School  
 Codsall HS  v  Ludlow College    Bridgnorth Endowed  v  Shrewsbury School   

1st. February 2017:

 SCAT  v  New College     Shrewsbury School  v  Oswestry School  
 Telford College  v  Codsall HS    Codsall HS  v  Madeley Academy  
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  Adams Grammar     Shrewsbury SFC  v  Thomas Telford  
     William Brookes  v  Thomas Adams  

8th. February 2017:

 Ludlow College  v  Shrewsbury SFC    Bridgnorth Endowed  v  Madeley Academy  
 SCAT  v  Idsall School         Thomas Telford  v  Thomas Adams  
 Adams Grammar  v  Thomas Telford     Codsall HS  v  William Brookes     

15th. February 2017:

 Codsall HS  v  Adams Grammar     Shrewsbury SFC  v  Bridgnorth Endowed  
 Telford College  v  New College       Oswestry School  v  Thomas Telford  
     William Brookes  v  Madeley Academy    

1st. March 2017:

 Adams Grammar  v  SCAT    Oswestry School  v  Codsall HS   
 Thomas Telford  v  Ludlow College     Shrewsbury School  v  Thomas Adams     
 Shrewsbury SFC  v  Idsall School    Madeley Academy  v  Shrewsbury SFC  
     Bridgnorth End.  v  William Brookes  

8th. March 2017:

 SCAT  v  Codsall HS       Thomas Telford  v  Bridgnorth Endowed    
 Ludlow College  v  Telford College     Shrewsbury SFC  v  Thomas Adams  
 Idsall School  v  New College         

15th. March 2017:

 Codsall HS  v  Shrewsbury SFC    Codsall HS  v  Shrewsbury School   
 New College  v  Adams Grammar    Madeley Academy  v  Thomas Telford  
 Telford College  v  Thomas Telford    William Brookes  v  Oswestry School  

22nd. March 2017:

 Adams Grammar  v  Idsall School     Shrewsbury School  v  Shrewsbury SFC  
 Ludlow College  v  SCAT    Bridgnorth Endowed  v  Thomas Adams  
 Thomas Telford  v  Codsall HS    Madeley Academy  v  William Brookes  

 29th. March 2017:

 Shrewsbury SFC  v  Telford College    Thomas Adams  v  Codsall HS  
 New College  v  Ludlow College       

 5th. April 2017:

 Idsall School  v  Ludlow College      reserve fixture date availability  

 Note: Shrewsbury School will arrange the four missing fixtures - at home to Madeley Academy and Bridgnorth Endowed, and away to Oswestry School and Thomas Telford.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


     Abraham Darby School: Emlyn Thomas - 01952 356000               
     Adams Grammar School,Newport: Daniel Biggins - 01952 386300               
     Bridgnorth Endowed School:  Steve Broome  - 01746 762103

     Codsall High School:  Richard Jones - 01902 907560
     Holy Trinity Academy ( ex BRJ):  Pat O'Neill  -  01952 386138
     Ellesmere College:  Ian Williams -  01691 622321
     Idsall School:  Chris Jew - 01952 468400
     Ludlow College:  Jon Britton - 01584 872846
     Madeley Academy: Dorion Williams - 01952 527700
     New College:  Steven Lalley - 01952 641892
     Oswestry School:  Dominlc Bradburne - 01691 655711                                           
     Shrewsbury College (SCAT): Andy Van Ommeren - 01743 342423
     Shrewsbury School:  Steve Wilderspin - 01743 280698
     Shrewsbury 6th Form College:  Bob Mulford - 01743 266814
     Telford College (TCAT):  Joe Bates - 01952 642464
     Thomas Adams School,Wem:  Liam Allen -  01939 237014
     Thomas Telford School:  Jon Arnold - 01952 200000
     North Shropshire College:  Scott Ruscoe - 07811 286439
     William Brookes School:  Mark Wilson - 01952 728900

                                                  PREVIOUS CHAMPIONS 

          1996-97                  New College 
          1997-98                  Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
          1998-99/00             Shrewsbury College  (x2) 
          2000/01/02/03/04   Thomas Telford  (x4) 
          2004-05                  Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
          2005-06                  Walford & North Shropshire College
          2006-07/08             Ludlow College  (x2) 
          2008-09/10             Shrewsbury Sixth Form College  (x2) 
          2010-11                  Shrewsbury School 
          2011-12                  Walford & North Shropshire College 
          2012-13/14             Thomas Telford  (x2) 
          2014-15/16             Idsall School, Shifnal  (x2)


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