DRAW 2017/18

Round 1  To be played by Friday 17th November

 a  Adams Grammar v Thomas Adams   4 - 3                   
 b  Marches v TCAT  Marches TOC
 c  Shrewsbury School v William Brookes  5 - 0

 N Shropshire College v Bridgnorth End

 23 - 0
 e  Shrewsbury Colleges v STFC  3 - 1
 f  Oswestry School v Sir John Talbot  9 - 1

ROUND 2    -  Quarter Finals 

These matches to be played by Fri 12th Jan

A  Shrewsbury Sch. Winner (c) v Idsall   5 - 1          
B  NSC Winner (d) v Shrewsbury Colleges Group Winner (e)   
C  Oswestry Sch. Winner (f) vThomasTelford   
D  Adams Grammar Winner (a) v Marches Winner (b)  


These matches to be played by  Friday 2nd March

SF 1 Winner (C) v Shrewsbury Sch. Winner (A)                                      
SF 2  Winner (B) v Winner (D)     

FINAL - TBC but provisionally between Thurs 5th March to Thurs 29th March

Final  SF! v SF2                                  

2016/17 Final

Shrewsbury School 0    Thomas Telford 1

Shrewsbury School last won this coveted trophy in 1995-96 and came to the New Bucks Head with a team full of confidence after a great season. They also brought a large contingent of vocal supporters which added greatly to the atmosphere of a keenly fought final. That said, Thomas Telford School, as holders of the coveted trophy, were favourites to retain the title of champions.  What followed was a wonderful night of quality football from both sides and in this closely contested final it was  Liam Palmer whose strike broke the deadlock of an outstanding match midway through the second half. 


1968-69 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1969-70 Oswestry High School 
1970-71 Wakeman School 
1971-72 Wakeman School 
1972-73 Wakeman School 
1973-74 Oswestry High School 
1974-75 Oswestry High School 
1975-76 New College 
1976-77 Bridgnorth Endowed School 
1977-78 Wakeman School 
1978-79 Wakeman School 
1979-80 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1980-81 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1981-82 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1982-83 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1983-84 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1984-85 Telford College of Arts & Technology 
1985-86 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1986-87 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1987-88 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology 
1988-89 Oswestry School 
1989-90 Oswestry School 
1990-91 New College 
1991-92 New College 
1992-93 New College 
1993-94 Telford College of Arts & Technology 
1994-95 Shrewsbury School 
1995-96 Shrewsbury School 
1996-97 New College* 
1997-98 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College* 
1998-99 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
1999-2000 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2000-01 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2001-02 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2002-03 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2003-04 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2004-05 Thomas Telford School
2005-06 Walford & North Shropshire College 
2006-07 Walford & North Shropshire College 
2007-08 Telford College of Arts & Technology 
2008-09 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
2009-10 Telford College of Arts & Technology
2010-11 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
2011-12 Walford & North Shropshire College
2012-13 Telford College of Arts & Technology
2013-14 Walford & North Shropshire College
2014-15 Walford & North Shropshire College
2015-16 Thomas Telford
2016-17 Thomas Telford 

*Between 1997-98 and 2003-04 two competitions took place, one for colleges and one for schools. The schools winners during this period were as follows: 
1996-97 Thomas Telford 
1997-98 Shrewsbury School 
1998-99 Shrewsbury School 
1999-2000 Shrewsbury School 
2000-01 Shrewsbury School 
2001-02 Thomas Telford 
2002-03 Thomas Telford 
2003-04 Thomas Telford 

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Monday 4th December
U18's v Worcestershire
(Thomas Telford School, TF3 4NW. 7pm KO)

Wednesday 6th December
U15's v Worcesterhsire
(Thomas Telford School, TF3 4NW. 7pm KO)

Monday 11th December - Postponed
U14's v W. Mids
(Boldmere St. Michaels, B73 5RY. 7.30pm KO)

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