2018/19 winners - North Shropshire College
2018/19 season

DRAW 2018/19

Round 1  To be played by Friday 12th October

 a  Marches v William Brookes   w/o Marches 
 b  Thomas Adams v Telford College  w/o TCAT 
 c  Bridgnorth Endowed v Haberdashers Adams  0-15

 Idsall v Madeley

 1-0 aet
 e  North Shrops College v Shrewsbury Colleges  w/o NSC
 f  Shrews Town FC v Shrewsbury School  1st Oct. 

ROUND 2    -  Quarter Finals 

These matches to be played by Friday 23rd November

A  Oswestry School v Idsall Winner (d)   2-1
B  Thomas Telford v Shrewsbury School Winner (f)  2-3 (AET) 
C  Telford College Winner (b) v NSC Winner (e)  0-2
D  Marches Winner (a) v Haberdashers Adams Winner (c)   0-7 


These matches to be played by  18th January

SF 1  NSC Winner C v Haberdashers Adams Winner D   7-2
SF 2  Oswestry School Winner A v Shrewsbury School Winner B  0-1 

FINAL - 26th March @ AFC Telford. 7pm KO

Final  NSC SF1 v Shrewsbury School SF2   5-3 pen. 

Full time 0-0
Extra time 0-0

1968-69 Shrewsbury Technical College
1969-70 Oswestry High School 
1970-71 Wakeman School 
1971-72 Wakeman School 
1972-73 Wakeman School 
1973-74 Oswestry High School 
1974-75 Oswestry High School 
1975-76 New College
1976-77 Bridgnorth Endowed School 
1977-78 Wakeman School 
1978-79 Wakeman School 
1979-80 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1980-81 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1981-82 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1982-83 Shrewsbury Technical College 
1983-84 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College
1984-85 Telford College of Arts & Technology 
1985-86 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1986-87 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
1987-88 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology 
1988-89 Oswestry School 
1989-90 Oswestry School 
1990-91 New College 
1991-92 New College 
1992-93 New College 
1993-94 Telford College of Arts & Technology 
1994-95 Shrewsbury School 
1995-96 Shrewsbury School 
1996-97 New College* 
1997-98 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College* 
1998-99 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
1999-2000 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2000-01 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2001-02 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2002-03 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2003-04 Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology* 
2004-05 Thomas Telford School
2005-06 Walford & North Shropshire College 
2006-07 Walford & North Shropshire College 
2007-08 Telford College of Arts & Technology 
2008-09 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
2009-10 Telford College of Arts & Technology
2010-11 Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 
2011-12 Walford & North Shropshire College
2012-13 Telford College of Arts & Technology
2013-14 Walford & North Shropshire College
2014-15 Walford & North Shropshire College
2015-16 Thomas Telford
2016-17 Thomas Telford 
2017-18 North Shropshire College
2018-19 North Shropshire College

*Between 1997-98 and 2003-04 two competitions took place, one for colleges and one for schools. The schools winners during this period were as follows: 
1996-97 Thomas Telford 
1997-98 Shrewsbury School 
1998-99 Shrewsbury School 
1999-2000 Shrewsbury School 
2000-01 Shrewsbury School 
2001-02 Thomas Telford 
2002-03 Thomas Telford 
2003-04 Thomas Telford 

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Monday 1st April
U15's v Staffordshire
(Stafford Town FC. ST16 3TH. 7pm KO)

Wednesday 27th March
U16's v Herefordshire
(Thomas Telford School, TF3 4NW. 7pm KO)

Monday 25th March
U14's v West Mids.
(Sandwell Academy, B71 4LG. 7pm KO)

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