2017/2018 Rules for County Cup/ Presidents Trophy Competitions 

NEW Rules for County Cup/ Presidents Trophy/Under 19 League Competitions Season 2017-18

1. AGE LIMITS will be Under-12 through to Under-18 as of the 1st September 2017. 

2. TEAM MEMBERS In order to comply with FA and ESFA policy the U12 Boys President's Trophy competition and the U12 Girls and Boys County Cup Competitions will be a 9 v 9 competition with 5 repeated substitutes permitted using smaller goal posts and a reduced size of pitch. All other age group competitions will be 11 v 11 with 5 repeated substitutes permitted.

The U19 league is open to full-time male/female students, under the age of 19 years on September 1st.2017, in post-16 educational centres in Shropshire, or within easy travel time if out-of-county. Schools may, at their discretion, select year 11 players, but careful consideration should be given to their suitability.

3. Playing regulations: Please see below the recommended playing regulations for each relevant age group for all SSFCA League/Cup/Trophy matches, in accordance with the laws laid down by the ESFA: 

Age group


Length (yards)

Width (yards)

Goal Height (ft)

Goal Width (ft)

U9 / U10 / U11

7 v 7





U11 / U12

9 v 9





U13 / U14

11 v 11





U15 / U16

11 v 11





U17 / U18

11 v 11





SUBSTITUTES: In all SSCFA 13-18 boys and Girls competitive matches including the Under 19 league 16 players may be used. Repeated substitutions are permitted (i.e. roll on roll off subs). 

4. THE DRAW/TARGET DATES. The team drawn first at each round of the SSCFA cup competitions will play at home (except in the final). 

It is the home team's responsibility to contact the opposing team  at least two weeks prior to the play by date (see Rule 5) to arrange the match venue, date, time, colours etc. and ensure the fixture play date complies with the competition's play date deadlines.

SSCFA will arrange all finals at neutral venues. The venue and date of all finals is at the discretion of the SSCFA whose decision will be final. If there is a COLOUR CLASH, then the AWAY team should make the necessary change. 

5. PLAY DATE DEADLINES. Schools must complete matches by the dates stated. County Cup/President's Trophy matches take precedence over other district inter/Intra School matches.  Having to play with a weakened team is not an acceptable reason for postponing a match.

SSCFA shall fix all play by dates by which all matches shall be played. Failure to keep to these dates may lead to disqualification. In the event that the School staff are unable to agree a mutually convenient date to play the fixture, the default date for playing the match becomes the published play by date.

If a school is having issues prior to the deadline date in contacting relevant opposition staff to arrange a date they should ensure that all email correspondences with opponents are Cc’d to the Competition Coordinator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Any match which remains un played by the deadline for any round will be decided as follows: 
(a) If, in the opinion of the competition co-ordinator, the failure to play was mainly or entirely the fault of one school, the Association may decide that the other school be awarded the tie if this is considered appropriate. 
(b) If, in the opinion of the competition co-ordinator, the failure to play was a result of negligence by both schools, the Association may decide to disqualify both schools from the competition if this is considered appropriate or in certain cases, by the toss of a coin. 

The competition co-ordinator, access to which is via his email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. shall have the power to:

  1. Order a match to be played on, or by, the given date
  2. Grant a reasonable extension to the target date – In EXCEPTIONAL Circumstances. Schools may be asked to provide sufficient evidence to support their request, for example email communications between the two relevant schools.
  3. Expel any team in the competition

Schools have the right to appeal the competition Co-ordinator’s decision. Please refer to point 15 for the Associations protests procedure.

It is the responsibility of the home to team to contact their opponents a minimum of two weeks prior to the play by date. It is unacceptable to expect Schools to organise games at a weeks’ notice. In order to meet play date deadlines it is strongly advised that schools arrange to play their fixtures early in the play date window and not leave it to the final week.

6. Match Officials: The home team is responsible for arranging the match referee. Shropshire Schools & Colleges F.A. will arrange referees for matches played on neutral venues, including all finals. At the semi-final stage, a fully qualified independent referee should be appointed (the appointee should not be a teacher, student classroom assistant or anyone associated in any way with the participating school/college). Should any costs be incurred these are to be shared between both schools. Should schools be unable to organise a neutral ref then they should contact Lisa Sandford ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) who will arrange a referee with the cost to be shared by both schools.

Under 19 League: preferably all league matches should be taken by a neutral, external qualified referee who is paid to do the job. If this is not available it is expected that a non-FA accredited member of the Sports department/PE teacher would be acceptable. If student teachers are to be used the home team must communicate this prior to kick off with the opposition. If they object a suitable official will need to be found.

A member of the student body at a relevant college, irrespective of qualification, should not be placed in a position to officiate the game unless both Schools/Colleges have agreed beforehand that this will take place. The lines should be taken by a reasonably competent representative from both teams. 

7. DRAWN MATCHES: There will be no replays in County Cup/Presidents Plate knock out fixtures. In the event of a match being drawn at full-time, extra-time, as indicated in rule 6, will be played. If the tie remains drawn at the end of extra-time, then a penalty shoot-out will take place in all rounds, including the final, of SSCFA competitions. Schools must ensure KO times allow for the possibility of extra time and penalties if time doesn't allow for extra time or penalties then the result must be decided by a toss of a coin.

If in the opinion of the referee, for circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, scheduled extra time in a match cannot be started or completed, a match shall be deemed to have been completed at the end of normal playing time. Penalties, if scheduled, shall then follow.

10. ANY PLAYER SENT OFF in any form of SSCFA structured competition MUST BE REPORTED (via the SSCFA website relevant report form (Link to be provided) TO THE SSCFA Office Manager by the match referee.  The relevant player will serve a minimum of a one match ban in the next round of any SSCFA competition depending on the severity of the offence in line with FA Discipline rules and guidelines.  The suspension is to be "rolled over" into the next season if the ban was unable to be served in the preceding season.  A referee's report must be sent to the SSCFA Office Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In cases of severe misconduct and violent behaviour the SSCFA disciplinary committee may decide on further match bans. Notice of the ban will be sent to schools who have players booked or sent off and a minimum £10.00 admin fee levied. Appeals need to be directed to the SSCFA Office Manager.

11. AGE GROUPS. In order to comply with FA/ESFA policy concerning AGE GROUPS, boys and girls may only play within a two year age band up to the age of 16. This means that U12 pupils may also play at U13 level, U13 at U14 level, U14 at U15 level and U15 at U16 level. On NO occasion should a pupil be allowed to play in two competitive matches on the same day. In the SSCFA Boys and Girls County U18 Schools & Colleges Cup, U16 (Year 11) players may be selected, but U15 (Yr.10) pupils are ineligible.

Girls are eligible to play in boys teams up to and including the U18 age group. This means that girls and boys will be able to play in the same team up to and including Year 11.

12. Except when FLOODLIGHTING is available, matches played in the winter months MUST kick-off no later than the following times: 

1st – 14th November: 3.00 p.m. 
15th Nov – 10th.January: 2.30 pm 
11th - 20th January: 2.45 pm 
21st January - 8th February: 3.00 pm 
9th February - 20th February: 3.30 pm 

13. ARTIFICIAL PITCHES:  Whilst SSCFA prefer county cup/trophy fixtures to be played on grass it is permitted to play fixtures on an artificial pitch.  However, the home team must ensure they notify the opposition, immediately, that the game is to be played on an artificial surface.

14: PLAYER ELIGIBILITY:  In the interests of achieving good sporting and fair competition in the U12 to U18 SSCFA Boys County Cup and President's Trophy Competitions each school on a match by match basis play the same amount of academy players (those players attached to an English Premier League or English Football League club). The number would be agreed by the schools taking part. Once the number has been agreed, schools can only have that number of academy players on the pitch at any one time. Substitutes with other academy players are permissible but the number on the pitch cannot exceed the number agreed by the two schools.

In the event that a School makes an active choice to not select any of their registered academy players this will not preclude their opponents from fielding their registered players.

15: Protests

Protests arising from County Cup competitions should be submitted to SSCFA in line with ESFA’s policy for protests (see and apply as follows:

  1.       I.        Protests should be in writing and sent to SSCFA Office Manager within two working days of the game
  2.      II.        A complaint re standard of pitch, goal posts, or other appurtenances of the game will not be considered unless a written protest in writing is made to the referee before the game kicks off.
  3.    III.        Any complaint must be signed by the Headteacher/Principals as approval of submission
  4.    IV.        The relevant SSCFA committee will gather as much information as possible to assist their decision making
  5.     V.        Your complaint will usually be acknowledged within three working days and we aim to complete our investigations within seven working days. Where matters are complex and are likely to take longer to resolve, we will inform of the specific timescales within the original 7 day timescale.
  6.    VI.        A written copy of the decision will be relayed to both teams.

To appeal, please write to SSCFA noting the grounds for the appeal and submit it either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to SSCFA Chairman, c/o SSCFA, Shropshire FA Headquarters, Montgomery Waters Meadow, Oteley Rd, Shrewsbury SY2 6ST.

  1.   VII.        The outcome of the appeal concludes the SSCFA’s complaints process.

Revised July 2017/SSCFA 


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