‘Priorslee repeat remarkable success’

Priorslee School repeated a remarkable success story in the Shropshire Schools FA World Cup Competition. Four years ago in 2006 they won the inaugural competition competing as Switzerland. This year representing Portugal they repeated their previous success when coming from behind to defeat Oxon School (Spain) in an excellent final 2-1.
In the Girls competition St. Lawrence School, Church Stretton also representing Portugal defeated Mount Pleasant School representing Brazil 1-0 in another close final.
The other remarkable coincidence was that once again both boys & girls competitions were won by teams representing the same Country. In 2006 both boys & girls competitions were won by teams representing Switzerland. In 2010 both competition winners were representing Portugal.

All sixteen teams represented in the finals evening were presented with medals by Mr Peter Guy, Advertising Manager of the Shropshire Star, Mr Martin Humphreys Head of Communications & Marketing at Shrewsbury School, Mr Steve Biggins, Master in charge football at Shrewsbury School, Mr David Taylor, Director of Children & Young People's Services Shropshire Council, Mr Tom Farmer & Mr Dave Rowe of Shropshire FA all of which provide major Sponsorship and support to the Shropshire Schools & Colleges FA.


Group 1—GIRLS
Moorfield (S. AFRICA) v Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) 1-2
St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) v Moorfield (S. AFRICA) 3-1
Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) v St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) 0-2
Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) v Moorfield (S. AFRICA) 1-0
St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) v Moorfield (S. AFRICA) 0-0
St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) v Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) 2-0

Group 2—GIRLS

Greenfields (SWITZERLAND) v Oakmeadow (JAPAN) 1-0
Old Hall (GREECE) v St. Georges (NIGERIA) 0-1
Oakmeadow (JAPAN) v Old Hall (GREECE) 0-0
St. Georges (NIGERIA) v Greenfields (SWITZERLAND) 0-0
Old Hall (GREECE) v Greenfields (SWITZERLAND) 1-3
St. Georges (NIGERIA) v Oakmeadow (JAPAN) 1-0

Group 1—BOYS

Worthen (CAMEROON) v Windmill (SWITZERLAND) 0-2
Greenfields (BRAZIL) v Priorslee (PORTUGAL) 0-0
Worthen (CAMEROON) v Greenfields (BRAZIL) 0-2
Windmill (SWITZERLAND) v Priorslee (PORTUGAL) 2-2
Worthen (CAMEROON) v Priorslee (PORTUGAL) 0-2
Windmill (SWITZERLAND) v Greenfields (BRAZIL) 0-0

Group 2—BOYS

Oxon (SPAIN) v St. Patricks (NIGERIA) 1-0
Oxon (SPAIN) v Cleobury Mortimer (COTE D’ IVIORE) 0-0
Oxon (SPAIN) v Moorfield (SLOVENIA) 3-1

Group 2—BOYS

Moorfield (SLOVENIA) v Cleobury Mortimer (COTE D’ IVOIRE) 0-1
St. Patricks (NIGERIA) v Moorfield (SLOVENIA) 0-1
St. Patricks (NIGERIA) v Cleobury Mortimer (COTE D’ IVOIRE) 1-1

Order of Semi-Finals/Finals

Girls Semi-Finals

(S.F. 1) Winner Group 1 St. Lawrence v Runner-Up Group 2 St. Georges 1-0
(S.F. 2) Runner-Up Group 1 Mount Pleasant v Winner Group 2 Greenfields 3-0

3&4 Place final (Loser S.F. 1) St. Goerges v (Loser S.F. 2) Greenfields 2-2 (Greenfields won on penalties 3-2)

St. Lawrence Winner (S.F. 1) v Mount Pleasant Winner (S.F. 2) 1-0

David Taylor, Children & Young Peoples Services, Shropshire Council presents the Trophy to the St. Lawrence Captain

St. Lawrence (Portugal)

Boys Semi-finals
(S.F. 1) Winner Group 1 Priorslee v Runner-Up Group 2 Cleobury Mortimer 1-0

Boys Semi-finals
(S.F. 2) Runner-Up Group 1 Windmill v Winner Group 2 Oxon 0-2

3&4 Place final (Loser S.F. 1) Windmill v (Loser S.F. 2) Cleobury Mortimer 1-4

Priorslee Winner (S.F. 1) v Oxon Winner (S.F. 2) 2-1

Steve Biggins Master of football at Shrewsbury School presents the Trophy to the Captain of Priorslee


Priorslee (Portugal)

Results & qualifiers from Thursday evenings Boys matches:

The final session of the boys World Cup competition at the Sports Village saw twenty four Primary school U11 boys teams battle for the final six places in the World Cup Finals competition on the 9th June.

The 34 mathces provided some excellent entertainment for a good crowd of parents.

Going forward to the quarter finals of the World Cup are the boys teams from St. Patricks, Priorslee, Cleobury Mortimer, Greenfields, Oxon, Worthen, Windmill and Moorfields.


Pitch A Group 1
Greenfields (BRAZIL) v Three Oaks (N. ZEALAND) 5-0
Alexander Fleming (DENMARK) v Coleham (GREECE) 1-0
Three Oaks (N. ZEALAND) v Coleham (GREECE) 1-2
Alexander Fleming (DENMARK) v Greenfields (BRAZIL) 0-1
Coleham (GREECE) v Greenfields (BRAZIL) 0-0
Three Oaks (N. ZEALAND) v Alexander Fleming (DENMARK) 0-3

Pitch B Group 2
Old Hall (HONDURAS) v Windmill (SWITZERLAND) 0-1
Longlands (GERMANY) v St. Georges (USA) 1-1
Windmill (SWITZERLAND) v Longlands (GERMANY) 0-0
St. Georges (USA) v Old Hall (HONDURAS) 1-1
Windmill (SWITZERLAND) v St. Georges (USA) 0-0
Old Hall (HONDURAS) v Longlands (GERMANY)

Pitch C Group 3
Moorfield (SLOVENIA) v Harlescott (JAPAN) 2-0
Crudgington (NETHERLANDS) v St. Georges (MEXICO) 0-2
Harlescott (JAPAN) v St. Georges (MEXICO) 0-1
Crudgington (NETHERLANDS) v Moorfield (SLOVENIA) 0-0
St. Georges (MEXICO) v Moorfield (SLOVENIA) 0-1
Crudgington (NETHERLANDS) v Harlescott (JAPAN) 0-0

Pitch A Group 4
St. Patricks (NIGERIA v Market Drayton (KOREA REPUBLIC) 0-0
St. Giles (ENGLAND) v Market Drayton (KOREA. R) 1-0
St. Patricks (NIGERIA) v St. Giles (ENGLAND) 1-0

Pitch B Group 5
St. Peters (S. AFRICA) v Oakmeadow (ITALY) 3-0
Priorslee (PORTUGAL) v St. Lawrence (FRANCE) 1-0
St. Peters (S. AFRICA) v St. Lawrence (FRANCE) 0-0
Priorslee (PORTUGAL) v Oakmeadow (ITALY) 2-0
St. Peters (S. AFRICA) v Priorslee (PORTUGAL) 1-1
St. Lawrence (FRANCE) v Oakmeadow (ITALY) 1-0

Pitch C Group 6
Longnor (SERBIA) v Morda (CHILE) 0-0
Cleobury Mortimer (COTE D’ IVOIRE) v Martin Wilson (URUGUAY) 3-0
Longnor (SERBIA) v Martin Wilson (URUGUAY) 0-0
Cleobury Mortimer (COTE D’ IVOIRE) v Morda (CHILE) 1-0
Longnor (SERBIA) v Cleobury Mortimer (COTE D’ IVOIRE) 2-2
Morda (CHILE) v Martin Wilson (URUGUAY) 2-1

Mon 24thResults & qualifiers from Monday evenings qualifying matches

The first session of the World Cup Soccer Competition produced four hours of non stop football for 28 teams of Girls & Boys.

This first session produced the eight girls teams who go forward to the World Cup Finals evening on Wednesday 9th June.

St. Georges (S) (Nigeria)
St. Lawrence (Portugal)
Greenfields (Switzerland)
Mount Pleasant (Brazil)
Moorfield (S. Africa)
Old Hall (Greece)
Oakmeadow (Japan)
Sir Alexander Fleming (France)

Also going forward to the boys finals on the 9th June are the boys from Worthen School and Oxon School. A further six boys teams will emerge from the boys competition on Thursday evening.


Pitch A Group 1
St. Georges (NIGERIA) v St. Lawrence (USA) (2-0)
Longlands (GERMANY v Ladygrove (URUGUAY) (0-0)
St. Georges (NIGERIA) v Ladygrove (URUGUAY) (3-0)
St. Lawrence (USA) v Longlands (GERMANY) (0-1)
St. Georges (NIGERIA) v Longlands (GERMANY) (1-0)
Ladygrove (URUGUAY) v St. Lawrence (USA) (0-0)

Pitch B Group 2
St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) v Oxon (AUSTRALIA) (1-0)
Greenfields (ITALY) v Longden (DENMARK) (0-0)
Oxon (AUSTRALIA) v Greenfields (ITALY) (0-3)
Longden (DENMARK) v St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) (0-3)
Oxon (AUSTRALIA) v Longden (DENMARK) (0-0)
St. Lawrence (PORTUGAL) v Greenfields (ITALY) (1-0)

Pitch C Group 3
Greenfields (SWITZERLAND) v Cleobury Mortimer (N.Z’LAND) (3-0)
Moorfield (S. AFRICA) v Harlescott (PARAGUAY) (1-0)
Harlescott (PARAGUAY) v Cleobury Mortimer (N. ZEALAND) (0-0)
Greenfields (SWITZERLAND) v Moorfield (S. AFRICA) (2-0)
Greenfields (SWITZERLAND) v Harlescott (PARAGUAY) (1-0)
Moorfield (S. AFRICA) v Cleobury Mortimer (N. ZEALAND) (1-0)

Pitch A Group 4
Three Oaks (ARGENTINA) v Martin Wilson (GHANA) (0-0)
Martin Wilson (GHANA) v Alexander Fleming (FRANCE) (0-0)
Old Hall (GREECE) v Three Oaks (ARGENTINA) (0-0)
Alexander Fleming (FRANCE) v Old Hall (GREECE) (0-0)
Three Oaks (ARGENTINA) v Alexander Fleming (FRANCE) (0-2)
Martin Wilson (GHANA) v Old Hall (GREECE) (0-1)

Pitch B Group 5
Trinity (CHILE) v Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) (0-3)
Oakmeadow (JAPAN) v St. Patricks (MEXICO) (2-0)
Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) v Oakmeadow (JAPAN) (2-1)
St. Patricks (MEXICO) v Trinity (CHILE) (3-0)
Oakmeadow (JAPAN) v Trinity (CHILE) (1-0)
Mount Pleasant (BRAZIL) v St. Patricks (MEXICO) (1-0)

Pitch C Group 6
Worthen (CAMEROON) v Mount Pleasant (ALGERIA) (1-0)
Longden (SLOVAKIA) v Trinity (ARGENTINA) (0-0)
Worthen (CAMEROON) v Longden (SLOVAKIA) (0-0)
Trinity (ARGENTINA) v Mount Pleasant (ALGERIA) (0-0)
Worthen (CAMEROON) v Trinity (ARGENTINA) (1-0)
Longden (SLOVAKIA) v Mount Pleasant (ALGERIA) (0-1)

Pitch A&B Group 7
Oxon (SPAIN) v Ladygrove (AUSTRALIA) - Pitch A (1-0)
St. Lawrence (KOREA DPR) v Oakmeadow (PARAGUAY) - Pitch B (0-0)
Oxon (SPAIN) v Oakmeadow (PARAGUAY) - Pitch A (0-0)
Ladygrove (AUSTRALIA) v St. Lawrence (KOREA DPR) - Pitch B (1-2)
Oxon (SPAIN) v St. Lawrence (KOREA DPR) - Pitch A (3-0)
Ladygrove (AUSTRALIA) v Oakmeadow (PARAGUAY) - Pitch B (0-3)

Cleobury Mortimer




Sir Alexander Fleming



Mount Pleasant

Martin Wilson

St. Patricks

SSCFA is delighted to announce that a special competition to celebrate the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa will be staged at the Shrewsbury Sports Village during May and June. There will be 7 aside competitions for both boys and girls at Under 11 with a maximum of ten players per team. The cost per team will be £10 with cheques made payable to SSCFA and sent directly to Lisa Sandford at the Schools Office, FA Headquarters, ProStar Stadium, Oteley Road, Shrewsbury SY2 6ST. Closing date for entries will be Friday 14th May.

Due to amount of pitch time available to the Association it is only possible to have 32 entries per competition, so in the event of more 32 entries being received, SSCFA has decided that the first 24 applications will have automatic entry and the remaining eight places will be subjected to a draw on Friday 14th May to determine the final entry. We anticipate that each school team will play on one evening only in the preliminary rounds.

The preliminary rounds will take place at the Sports Village on
Monday 24th May 4.30 - 8.00pm
Wednesday 26th May 4.30 - 8.00pm
Thursday 27th May 4.30 - 8.00pm

The Finals night will be at the Sports Village on
Wednesday June 9th 4.30 - 8.00pm


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