Shropshire Schools & Colleges new appointments for 2011/2012 Season

Shropshire Schools and Colleges Football Association
Partnership Enhancement

Shropshire Schools and Colleges Football Association (SSCFA) has made two significant appointments. Jan Butler, well known for her work as General  Secretary and Child Welfare Officer to the Shropshire Junior Football League (SJFL) has been appointed to the position of Child Welfare Officer for SSCFA.

The appointment enhances a part of the reciprocal work of the SSCFA and Shropshire Junior Football League in relation to respect, conduct and fairplay of boys and girls who play  junior league  and/or schools football. Where young players find themselves subject to a disciplinary action this information is simultaneously shared  with both organizations who then communicate the details relating to the player directly to  their club and school.  Players suspended by SSCFA will also automatically be suspended for the same period by SJFL and vice versa.

SSCFA is delighted to announce the appointment of Lynda Manson into the new role of Disability Officer for the Association. It is the first time anyone has held such a role for the schools movement in Shropshire and represents the Association’s  commitment to creating and maintaining quality football opportunities and experiences for the children of Shropshire.

Lynda is well known, especially in the Telford area, for her excellent work as School Sports Coordinator for the Special Schools in the area and already does a fantastic job of driving football within these schools. There is more football taking place in Shropshire Schools for students with disabilities (encompassing a vast range of needs) than people realise and much of that is down to Lynda and her passion for providing positive opportunities for the students with whom  she works. Her appointment to SSCFA will facilitate a more coordinated approach to disability football within our county schools and will provide Lynda and the staff of these schools with the support and administration they need to deliver increased opportunities over the coming seasons. 





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